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Our services

We offer several services to better serve you.

Residential Constructions

Anyone who has renovated a house or apartment knows that you can't give up quality right now. It is precisely with this focus that Panda Engenharia e Construção's residential renovation service is planned and executed.  

The commitment from the first service is to perfectly and transparently fulfill the requests of each client to perform above average work, which exceeds the expectations of those who will enjoy a new environment. 

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Commercial Buildings

When dealing with a Commercial Work, we understand that there are specific needs. With segmented and personalized performance and work, Panda remains in the market for having efficiency and quality in its works. 

With our own qualifications and identity, we can act in the most varied types of enterprise.


We provide the information and expertise needed to generate successful construction and infrastructure projects. 

Our teams have specialists in all areas of civil engineering, who actively participate in the technical work during construction to solve any complex critical situation, using the most advanced tools and technological methodologies.

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Centro de Saúde Betânia, Belo Horizonte  - MG, 2008.png

Health area

Panda Engenharia e Construção is in line with the technical engineering standards that a construction in the health sector requires and this type of conduct allows us to find the most appropriate answers for each project. Expertise, integrated process control and solid partnerships with suppliers ensure that the works take place within the planned schedule and guarantee the construction in the healthcare sector demands. 

Educational Buildings

We have been working for some years in the fields of construction and renovation of schools and educational institutions. Ensuring that, from the beginning of the project development, we will work to make the delivery with the highest quality and within the stipulated time. 

The experiences of Panda Engenharia e Construtora combined with the need for better experiences for children make the service remarkable, since the school becomes the students' second home. 


Advice and Projects

Panda Engenharia e Construção guarantees that your work is carried out according to what was previously planned, in order to avoid unforeseen events and to ensure the delivery schedule. 


Our services can start from the feasibility analysis of a project to executive consulting in civil construction work. The main objective of the activity is to ensure quality in the development of construction, in addition to meeting deadlines and meeting the expectations of the building's customers. 

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